Age: 15
Gender: Male

For someone with a dark past, Tobey's got a big heart, a big stomach and an even bigger sense of humor. Give Tobey an earthquake and he'll go "Quake riding!" Give him a delivery and it just might get there. Tobey grew up in a foster home but was adopted by Mei Wa who he calls Nana along with Sid and Sue. He works along with his best friends at Wu's Garden as a delivery boy. When Kong Li schemes to destroy the barrier that keeps him trapped in Chinatown he fights to thwart his plans.


Even though he's constantly joking, Tobey loves being superhero

He knows when it's time to get down to buisness and his unpredictable nature makes him a fierce opponent!


Tobey, one of the delivery kids for Wu's Garden, is also a part of the teenage kung-fu group, also including Sue and Sid.


He's the joker of the group, rarely taking things seriously. His skills are exceptional, Sid and Sue are better skilled though.

In the episode Origins it is revealed that Kong Li is his father.